Britni De La Cretaz: Resources for White Parents on Talking to Kids about White Supremacy and Racism.
This freelance writer describes herself as follows: "I believe in shattering stigma and changing the world through the power of storytelling.
I write on the intersections of feminism, addiction, parenting, trauma, and relationships." This particular page has links to about 8 other resources on the web.

E-Book: "How to Be an Anti-Racist Parent: Real Life Parents Share Real Life Tips." Published by an organization called New Demographic. They also publish articles related to anti-racist parenting in a blog.

Markham, Laura, "Talking With Children about Racism, Police Brutality, and Protests." This author of several popular books on parenting answers a question from a reader with an in-depth article that discusses how the communication can be tailored to the child's developmental level.

Wickham, Kelly, "Teaching Kids About Race: What Parents Need to Know." A perspective from a black woman who is a mother of four children and who has worked for many years in the public school system in Springfield, Illinois. She also has a blog called "Mocha Momma" that is worth checking out.

"Raising Non-Racist Kids." A perspective from an African American mom who identifies herself as "Dr. Mama Esq." CocoaMamas is a blog of writing by women of color on "raising cocoa children in a bittersweet world."
Pact - "Talking With Children About Race and Racism." Pact is a California-based nonprofit that was organized to support adopted children of color. Provides a variety of resources to adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth parents. This page has links to many articles and also some videos on various aspects of the subject of race and children.